Weed Is Legal : But We Ain't Done Yet

The legalization of cannabis is a victory, but it is not enough.  The battle is not over until every person who has been punished for cannabis-related crimes, which are now legal, are freed and exonerated.  The battle is not over until every person, family, and community is paid reparations for the destruction they have been subjected to by the Injustice System.  Yes, let us celebrate this victory, but we do not stop now and we will not stop until justice is in the hands of the People.
On January 1st, 2018, the recreational sale, use, and possession of cannabis became legal in the state of California.  This victory is another step forward in a long journey to overturning the "War on Drugs," a campaign which put a disproportionate number of our black and brown brothers, sisters, and kin behind bars and continues to oppress our communities.

Yes, this legislation is a victory, a victory that should be celebrated, but this is just a step in our mission to return justice and power back to the People.  A bill that lets us purchase cannabis but doesn't exonerate every single person who did so before is NOT ENOUGH.  A bill that lets us grow our own cannabis but does not pay reparations to the communities who were ripped apart by the "drug war" is NOT ENOUGH.  
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